Coated Prawn w/ Cornstarch and Sweet & Sour sauce

Fried Crispy Prawn with a blend of sweet and sour sauce was delicious. This dish in favorite by many people who do not like spicy food, can also be used as a snack in small portion or appetizer and not as a main dishes.

Ingredients :

Prawn – 0.25 kg

Conrnstarch – 20 gr

Eggs – 2 pcs

Peneapple – 35 gr

Bell pepper – 30 gr

Sweet and sour sauce recipe – 120 gr

 Procedure :

  • Marinade Prawn w/ salt & pepper
  • Beaten eggs and put marinade prawn inside
  • Coated prawn with cornstarch evenly
  • bring prawn to the deep frying ( untill brawn color and crispy )
  • lift prawn from deep then strain and toast it with sauce
  • Put prawn on the plate and garnish with peneapple and bell pepper

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