Broccoli w/ tofu and bailing mushroom in oyster sauce

Shiny and tempting , decorated with beautiful colors , three types of materials are combined , it is very tempting to be a delicious menu. consisting of tofu , mushrooms and broccoli are easy to make and a nice presentation .
Portions 10

Ingredients :

  • Japanese tofu – 600 gr
  • Bailing Mushroom – 600 gr
  • Broccoli – 1000 gr
  • Oyster sc – 100 gr
  • Stock – 200 ml
  • Sesame oil – 30 ml
  • Corn flour – 20 gr
  • Keci – 30 gr
  • Garlic fried – 20 gr
  • Salt & pepper – approx

Procedure :

  • Cuts tofu and divide in to 6 each (round shape)
  • Bring tofu in to deep fry (high heat temperature)
  • Boil broccoli around 3 minutes in a boiling water and strain
  • Soute broccoli with garlic then seasoning (quick cooking)
  • Slice being mushroom and cooking with oyster sauce (marinade)
  • Keci (soaked in the warm water) strain and prepare for garnish
  • Bring all ingredient in to plated. see picture
  • Bring to heat oyster sauce and make it thick as you desire with corn flour
  • Add sesame oil and stir well.
  • Pour oyster sauce on the surface, and Garnish w/ keci and sprinkled garlic fried


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